Myths of Energy Pendant Part 2: The story behind – Biofield

by kiawin

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It was through a familiar contact that I was given a book widely circulated among FusionExcel members titled “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance – with scalar energy” by Siva Poobalasingam (M.D.) and Nisha Lakshmanan (M.A.). Don’t bother google it, as you only see quotes of it from blogs and network marketing sites.

So what’s so interesting about this book? The key ideas of the book are biofield, scalar energy, and living water (Nope, not Jesus’), and are used extensively by FusionExcel in describing the energy behind their products. As printed on the back cover of the book,

FusionExcel products are the result of exhaustive research and comprehensive R&D done in collaboration with world-class experts. By utilizing the principles of energy medicine, scalar energy, bio-technology and nano-technology, the company brings to the people high-end quality products that offer optimum health.

In short, energy medicine as defined by the book author describe is the balancing of body energy (or biofield).

To keep the article short and easy to read, we will first discuss about biofield, followed by other key ideas in the forth coming articles.

In the spirit of science, the book quoted “credible” sources to support its claim on the existence of biofield.

Dr Beverly Rubik, a bio-physicist and an advisory panel member to the National Institutes of Health in the United States, was instrumental in establishing the term biofield. According to Dr Rubik these forms of energy are crucial to health. (pg. 13)

To further its scientific agenda, the book shows evidence of measurable biofield.

The biofield was first measured scientifically by Professor Harold Saxton Burr from Yale University. This finding has been demonstrated by other researchers as well. (pg. 13)

Unfortunately the book missed out certain details. For example,

1. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) of National Institutes of Health, which Dr Beverly Rubik was once advisory panel in its precursory organization from 1992-1997 defines biofield as putative energy field.

2. Putative according to WordNet, Princeton University, defined as “purported; commonly put forth or accepted as true on inconclusive grounds”. Don’t understand? NCCAM defined as “yet to be measured”.

3. Professor Harold Saxton Burr (1889-1973) has proposed bio-electric, which he tried to correlate bio-electric with wound-healing. This bio-electric is further elaborated in L-field of his later days through a book titled “Blueprint for Immortality”. This L-field is commonly used as a foundation of the existence of biofield in energy medicine, though no validity in academic science.

4. The book did not attempt to show any concrete evidence on the correlation of L-field and energy vortexes, a chakra-prescribed energy theory (pg. 11). Though Burr has an interesting proposal on the measurement of electricity in human body, it is a far fetched attempt justifying the measurability of biofield. Existence of electricity in human body cannot be simply equated with the existance of biofield.

* Update (5/11/2010, 4pm): You might find point 4 was explained hastily, perhaps not convincing enough to you. Part 3 of the article will show you in details whether Burr’s theory coincide with the biofield discussed by the author of the book, and preached by FusionExcel.

Is it academically sound to say biofield is measurable, moreover scientifically conclusive? You decide :)

* Update (5/11/2010, 4pm) or you can decide after reading the up coming article :)

In next article, we will be discussing scalar energy.

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