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May 6th, 2013

This morning I woke up, and my home seems different. For the first time for quite some days, my parents did not laugh from newspaper articles. We used to laugh and make fun of certain politicians and political parties owing to their often belittling, absurd and bigotry remarks. So, what shall we do next? Is […]

Buses at KLIA and LCCT?

  Apparently the photo of buses in car park as reported by Sarawak Report and social media are not located in Malaysia, but Candlestick Park, San Francisco instead. The photo was blatantly copied from munidave via flickr. I’m all for clean and fair election, but we should be one too.

Melody FM 103

Tune in to the latest Chinese radio station, Melody FM by ASTRO in Malaysia using your own favourite media player by pointing to here Update (Oct 27, 2012): Melody FM has updated their stream url, you may get it here.

Why Stop 114A?