Myths of Energy Pendant Part 4: The story behind – Water

by kiawin

sun and crystal clear waters

The chapter 3 of the book titled “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance – with scalar energy” started off with explanation on water – its properties, functions, importance to human body, and its cycle. To our common knowledge, no one would deny the fact that water plays an important role to mankind. It is interesting to see the author attempts in introducing a new terminology in hydrology, where it is known as “The Holistic Hydrological Cycle”.

As mentioned earlier, some of the water may travel down through the soil into the bedrock, traversing hundreds or even thousands of miles underground. In its journey downwards this water also goes through a cleansing process and is heated before finding its way back to the surface. This water flows in an inwardly spiraling fashion. This is termed as an implosion course or vortex. In fact this is water’s naturally occurring motion. Naturally occurring water takes this path of least resistance. This keeps the water energized. (pg. 49)

Hydrology, in simple words, is a study of movement, distribution and quality of water. Whilst Hydrological cycle is a buzz word for water cycle, that you learn in your primary school. The only thing unfamiliar to the paragraph quoted above, was at its last sentence – where the occuring motion kept the water “energized”.

Let’s read more before we discuss further,

While on its journey, water also travels through different types and surfaces of rocks. As it passes through these clay and rocks, water acquires minerals. This water will also pass through underground streams and rivers and will be moulded by the varying vibrational influences it encounters. It will also be influenced by earth’s subtle energies. (pg. 49)

Yes, I know you hate reading, so do I. Please give me few more minutes before I explain,

This natural water that resurfaces on earth’s surface is water that is mature and ripe with a temperature of about +4 celcius. It wanders along dark paths or paths with little light and in this way avoids direct contact from the sun’s damaging rays. This water that resurfaces within a natural setting is life affirming water. It is vibrant, full of light, full of vatality, verve and energy. It is this water that is termed living water. (pg. 49)

Interesting isn’t it? The author knows how to obtain the living water of Jesus! (… I’m joking)

As this lively, pulsating water meanders through the valleys, it maintains its inner energies. The water will carry along with it vital minerals, trace elements and other subtle energies.

Natural springs are one source of water that has gone through a holistic hydrology cycle. Water that finally comes out into the surface in these forms has undergone “natural treatment” via its travels over the varying surfaces underground; be it the rocks, trees, or underground streams it passes through. This naturally treated living water is rich in minerals and often has therapeutic healing properties.


Alright, to sum it all – “naturalized” water has earth’s subtle energies, and often has healing properties.

Though I’m not a geologist nor a chemist, it is my utmost respect for the author for being firm believer of science. Let’s look upon Google Scholar with two keywords – “hydrology” and “energy”. If you look through the indexed search, you will notice two closest terms on energy you can find are energy balance and surface energy.

Have you heard before this familiar phrase of “energy cannot be created or destroyed”? You should if you’re taking sciences during your secondary school days, because it’s related to the first law of thermodynamics, based on the principle of conservation of energy.

Yes, both energy balance and surface energy are referring to the energy we learn in science classes. Neither of them has any direct linkage with subtle healing elements, unless you’re referring to the electric-charged defibrillator for CPR ;) (note: in red.. JOKE)

Is it academically sound to say water has healing energy? You decide :)

Again yes, or you may decide in the up coming articles ;)

In the next article, we will discuss about the water memory and the water of life!

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