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One FM 88.1

Tune in to the hip and happening One FM by using your own favourite radio player instead of the built-in flash player accessible from their website? Here’s the stream URL For other radio station stream URLs, kindly click the following links: Melody FM 103 – Malaysia Astro Latest Chinese Radio Station Hit FM Taipei 107.7 – […]


A response to Flirting with Disaster

This is my response to satD on “Flirting with Disaster: An Analysis on the Demand for Religious Freedom in Malaysia” Dear satD, Great effort in setting up your argument on this topic. Do allow me to point out something, and hope this does not offend you. Your premise on why Bishop Ng should not say […]

Myths of Energy Pendant Part 5: The story behind – Demonstration

Can you stand like Po? In this article, we will discuss the demonstration performed by Fusion Excel members. We will talk about living water, later.

Myths of Energy Pendant Part 4: The story behind – Water

The chapter 3 of the book titled “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance – with scalar energy” started off with explanation on water – its properties, functions, importance to human body, and its cycle. To our common knowledge, no one would deny the fact that water plays an important role to mankind. It is interesting to […]