Myths of Energy Pendant Part 3: The story behind – Scalar Energy

by kiawin

Explosion of positive energy

As we continue exploring the possibility of FusionExcel’s energy pendant, the book titled “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance – with scalar energy” states the energy behind biofield is best described as scalar energy – which contains healing properties.

Let us look at the definition of scalar energy by the author of the book,

Electro-magnetic waves have frequencies and wave action. They can be measured and the unit of measurement is the Hertz. However, scalar energy is not part of the electro-magnetic spectrum and is not measured in terms of frequency. (pg.24)

Perhaps we might start getting confused by their argument. If you still remember what was mentioned in the previous article on biofield, biofield is defined as measurable by the book author. However, in Chapter 2 of the book itself contradicts its own argument by stating not only once, but twice (pp. 24, 25) that scalar energy is not measurable in terms of frequency (Non-hertzian).

Wait a minute, scalar energy is not measurable in terms of frequency, but it can be measured by other methods right?

The book listed Burr’s work as scientific prove to the measurability of biofield. If you check Burr’s “bio-electric” work, you would know that his works are primarily in relation with Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) – involves Hertz, at the least on all his proven work.

So… hertzian? or non-hertzian? Damn is hertzian, damn still if is non-hertzian. (Excuse me if you don’t like the word damn. Rest assured the context is not a cussing verb).

Let’s move on,

The discovery of scalar energy can be attributed to James Clerk Maxwell, a Scotsman who was born in the 19th Century. Maxwell was a mathematical genius whose work led to the development of a quantum physics. Albert Einstein worked on Maxwell’s findings and discovered “The Theory of Relativity”. Maxwell’s equations also showed the relationship between electricity and magnetism. (pg. 24)

Maxwell and Einstein are great physicists, and most of us would heard before of “The Theory of Relativity” eventhough 99% does not know what it means. A close check with google you would find the closest link of scalar energy would be scalar field theory, belong to theoretical physics. It’s smart to use quantum physics as a supporting evidence for scalar energy, as no much people will take the effort to find out what is quantum physics, scalar field theory or theoretical physics. As scalar field can refer to either classical or quantum, we’ll look at quantum (field theory) as it is related to Maxwell and Einstein.

To cut long story short, we have 26 quantum field theories (yes, it’s plural) attempt to explain quantum field. Though quantum field theory belongs to mainstream theories of theoretical physics, do take note that mainstream theories defined as “There do exist mainstream theories that are generally accepted theories based solely upon their effects explaining a wide variety of data, although the detection, explanation and possible composition are subjects of debate.” If you don’t understand, don’t worrry. Just watch The Big Bang Theory, a fantastic geek comedy surrounding theoretical physicists. (credit to the Werns) ;)

It would still be far fetched for such theoretical physics to be turned into a Japanese and German technology made volcanic lava pendant.

However, it took another fifty years after Maxwell’s discovery, to prove the existence of scalar energy. It took one Nikola Tesla, who was born in Yugoslavia around 1856-1857 to demonstrate the existence of this form of energy. Tesla, who became a US citizen in 1891 carried on Maxwell’s work and soon began to harness scalar energy without using any wires. Tesla referred to this energy as standing energy or universal waves. Albert Einstein acknowledged the existence of this form of energy and made due reference to scalar energy in the 1920s. (pg. 24)

The mentioning of Maxwell, Einstein and now Tesla seems to make the entire story of scalar energy looked credible. If you don’t know Nikola Tesla, perhaps the closest link you can relate to is his electrocuting Tesla coil defense tower, for Mother Russia! (from Command & Conquer Red Alert, a computer game) :)

However, the closest link of all these three person with direct scientific output would be wireless energy transfer.
What’s that? To keep it simple, the word “energy” here refers to “power”. Yes, an common example of this science would be your induction cooker, no where near a healing energy (unless you plan to heal yourself by cooking).

Do you see a link between scientific scalar energy and healing scalar energy? You decide :)

Yes, or you can decide after you read the up coming article.

In next article, we will be discussing about water.

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