Food Review: New Paris

by kiawin

Will update more in text, soon.

Updates (19 Feb 2007):

Some of you might know that the reason I choose to stay on in my current workplace not because of the company itself, but of the people there. The gung-ho colleagues of mine decided to throw off a CNY celebration dinner (Lou Zang according to dude) on Tuesday (13 Feb 2007). The best part of the story is, from our own pocket. Hahaha… Nevertheless, I think it’s one good party with much laughters. I believe we created a remarkable profile in the New Paris Restaurant – the pussy willow tree, the RED toilet cleaner, the RED waste paper bin, and the little bamboo in a mineral water bottle with self sticked “fu” sticker cut from angpow. Hahaha…

Without delaying your time, here’s some photos took that day with my beloved phone.

Happy Chinese New Year :)