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sorry for being away that long, but have been busied with life, church and work. just came back from cameron, two days of work, a long weekend with teens at church and caroling at night. will update soon :) note: Farewell to bambinakong, best wishes to your life in Singa-por! Don’t pray-pray. Enjoy your church-going […]

Proton… or Perodua?

I wonder anyone noticed this or not, but today I wanted to check out the specs for Proton Savvy through, and it leads me to this… Alright, this is darn cute ;) Proton’s arch rival – Perodua :) This is a blog feed from :)

Mamak at CCM

Sorry for being unable to do any photo blogging for the past few weeks. I wasn’t able to resolve the Ubuntu Gusty Bluetooth File Tranfer until recently :) It’s been a while we never go lepak at CCM in a big group. This time, Young Working Adult Fellowship has a rare opportunity to gather for […]


yea, the website for my cous’ is up :) click on :) This is a blog feed from :)


Abraham Piper wrote a blog entry on relationship, and I can’t agree more on his comment on humbleness. This is a blog feed from :)