Food Review: Sakae Sushi

by kiawin

I think I’m affectionate about mutiara damansara, since I was there 4 times over the entire week. Haha…

Last friday I made a spontaneous call in the morning to eggy, and we head to Sakae Sushi, The Curve to have our brunch. Since this is my second time visit to Sakae Sushi, I suppose I should fulfill my new year resolution (food blogging) by blogging about it.

I recall my previous visit to the curve outlet was memorable, not because of its food, but because of the tiny IBM mouse and the HP LCD monitor on every single table. (note: Forgotten to snap a photo about it la ;))

The food here as claimed by eggy supposed to be cheaper than other conveyor sushi outlet (e.g. Sushi King, Genki Sushi etc.). My personal opinion is – not really. It has many RM1.90 (green plate) variant of sushi, but other available pricing options would only be RM3.90 and RM5.90. Unless you stick to nothing but green coloured plate, I suppose it should cost more to eat in Sakae instead of other conveyor sushi outlet. But one thing for sure, it somehow has more variety than Sushi King and Genki Sushi.

For the list of food we have there, I think we had the usual standard sushi such as ebiko sushi, salmon nigiri, inari sushi, salmon maki, etc. (Can’t recall la) We had some interesting food (not to mention, cheap) such as Fried Maki, Fried Tofu.

On top of that, my first experience with some non-sushi food – sansai udon. I suppose it is something simple which taste like usual japanese instant noodle. Haha…

We wrap up the meal with some sesame mochi ice cream (which in my humble opinion – very EX ice cream).

You want photo? Here’s some for you….

Note: Do you feel cheated reading this review? Haha… Not sure why but I wasn’t in a food blogging mood that day, I only remember to snap a few photo (to be precise – 2) at the end of the meal ;)