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Food Review: Kedai Kopi Khoong

Kedai Kopi Khoong, not Kong ;) We decided to take a quick breakfast before our meeting in workplace. J and E (recommended by L) told us there’s a famous elderly uncle that sells “ji cheong fun” (pig intestine noodles). Normally “ji cheong fun” can be ordered by stating how many “fun” that we want, and […]

Food Review: Restoran Paramount Garden (Pan Mee)

Yesterday J recommended us a Pan Mee shop in Paramount Garden, some where near the Sunrise duck rice :) The shop…. Their winter melon longan drink, a bit too sweet for me.. maybe too much winter melon? :) Their famous loh-pan mee. Interesting… J’s Portugese Grill “La-La” My dry pan mee with Sze Chuan vegetable… […]

Food Review: Penang Cravings @ Atria

Passing by Damansara Jaya, as L wanted to dropby KDU to pass some books to her coursemate. L suggested us to have our lunch at Penang Cravings, Atria Shopping Centre. My Asam Laksa :) O┬áinsist my order is Penang version to the waitress… O… jangan-lah kacau waitress la… L‘s sour plum juice (I think…. haha) […]

Food Review: Wendy’s @ Jaya One

Another entry on food from Jaya One. Don’t blame me from blogging all these non-sense Jaya One food, my earth circles around this place somehow :) As usual, snap here and there… Ready… get set…. Go!! Joe with his 3/4lb. triple with cheese burger :) Spicy Chicken Burger, my order. Let me recall… cheese & […]

Food Review: De Foodland Seafood Restaurant

Note: This is a backdated post on my JJCM trip on June 18, 2008. After picking up CY from her meeting with clients in Taman Wangsa Permai, we decided to go for supper. As we didn’t know much about this area, I called up A the local food craze for some advice. A at first […]