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This Chinese New Year 2007

Browsing through my old achieve of blog entries, and realized how much fun i blogged about my previous Chinese New Year. Hmm… I should blog this year too. Monday, February 12:Chinese New Year “holiday” came early this year, Kong and I visited IKEA Mutiara Damansara. I was planning to grab some photo frames for my […]

Chinese New Year in Kepong

What’s this? Is it mint? No.. It’s mahjong… Who’s hands are those? Another pair of hands? Unveiling answer… Another one… The last one Not really mahjong… Happy Chinese New Year to Kepong :) This is a blog feed from :)

Chinese New Year 2007

Watch out! It’s coming soon ;) This is a blog feed from :)

Food Review: New Paris

Will update more in text, soon. Updates (19 Feb 2007): Some of you might know that the reason I choose to stay on in my current workplace not because of the company itself, but of the people there. The gung-ho colleagues of mine decided to throw off a CNY celebration dinner (Lou Zang according to […]

Happy Chinese New Year 2005

Just a warm greetings to all of you, directly or indirectly celebrating this festive occasion :) For me, just as busy as usual. Other than work, and research (of course), I took some time off by enjoying my visitation, a festive movie and two great meals (genki sushi and KTZ). Elaborate more next time. If […]