love and hurt

by kiawin

Before you hurt others,
Hurt yourself first.
It will make you wise.
Before you love yourself,
Try to love others first.
It will make you perfect.


You have the power that hurts.
He has the love that heals.
I have the light that sees.
God has the Compassion that feels


My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,
How is it possible for me
To hurt the ones
That I love deeply?
“My child, here is the proof
That you do not actually love them.”

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,
Now tell me,
Do I not sincerely and deeply
Love You, my Supreme?
Why do You then hurt me so often,
If not always?

“My child, My child,
Go beyond, far beyond,
The boundaries of your futile mind.
Then you will have the answer
From Me.”
My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!


No matter how intensely you love God
In His own Way,
You will never get hurt.
But if you love God in your own way,
At every moment you will get hurt.

A poem by Sri Chinmoy. Though we have different belongings, but we share the same affection.