love and hurt

Before you hurt others, Hurt yourself first.It will make you wise.Before you love yourself,Try to love others first.It will make you perfect. ~~~ You have the power that hurts. He has the love that heals.I have the light that sees.God has the Compassion that feels ~~~ My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme, How is it […]

Look carefully

care to buy anything free? * snapped this photo in Jusco Equine Park. This is a blog feed from :)

Food Review: Yong Teng Cafe

Yup! Food never leave my (our) mind. Last (last last) Tuesday (Labour Day 2007) we went up to Cameron for site survey, as we’re running a 4-day youth camp in Ringlet, Cameron. We stopped by Tanah Rata for the infamous pancake stall ran by one aged couple. the “cafe”. the uncle. the menu, blurred. The […]