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2014 StanDesk 2200

A blatant rip-off of StanDesk 2200, with a twist of a lower budget.

Thank You Exabytes

Books I read in 2011

A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer (via Kindle)       The Appeal by John Grisham       The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova       Teacher Man: A Memoir by Frank McCourt (via Kindle)       Gray Matter by Joel Kilpatrick and Levy, David (via Kindle)       The Christian […]

Bake the Bacon

Pic. PP Subspace, Flickr – PP by me A common question posed to me (that I have tried avoid from answering many times) is why I’ve given up the opportunity of resuming the Baconship in my home church. Before I give you the answer, I felt very much obliged to share with you my struggles […]

Relook September 2010

September 2010 is indeed a special month to me. It started with the never ending script marking, followed by the epic fall that leads to a complete lockdown within four walls – some says maternity leave. Instead of seeing from the perspective of a life without missing my favourite local delicacies, late night mamak sessions […]