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Myths of Energy Pendant Part 3: The story behind – Scalar Energy

As we continue exploring the possibility of FusionExcel’s energy pendant, the book titled “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance – with scalar energy” states the energy behind biofield is best described as scalar energy – which contains healing properties.

Myths of Energy Pendant Part 2: The story behind – Biofield

It was through a familiar contact that I was given a book widely circulated among FusionExcel members titled “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance – with scalar energy” by Siva Poobalasingam (M.D.) and Nisha Lakshmanan (M.A.). Don’t bother google it, as you only see quotes of it from blogs and network marketing sites.

Myths of Energy Pendant Part 1: Preview

Don’t play play, even Phua Chu Kang knows how to take care of himself through FusionExcel Quantum Energy Pendant. Click to view the miraculous demonstration with PCK, best in Singapore, JB and some says FusionExcel!

What difference can you make?

Source:┬áSelepas Tsunami from Pusat KOMAS. It would be an understatement if we’re deterred by the title “after tsunami”. Instead, it brings a good point which I like as its conclusion – the vote on your hand do make a difference for a better Malaysia. Do take 36 minutes of your life to watch and reflect […]

blue blue sky

Blue sky on top of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. A full travelogue on Hong Kong will be up next :)