January 2008: Creation

by kiawin

As some of you know I’m involved in the teenagers ministry in church. This month’s theme for the teens fellowship is “Creation”.

I would say things are getting more interesting with them around as I believe some have found their sense-of-belonging in the fellowship.

The pics below are one activity we conducted as all respective group leaders are required to “make-up” with the matching group name.

1. Creation Theme Park


Woof woof~


2. God’s Creation

Archange was very helpful in laying many fundamental understanding of the relationship of creation with God, and even shared the purpose of human on earth. Great job :)

Will update here when I get the powerpoint from church computer ;)

3. Creationism Vs. Science – From a biblical perspective

I had an opportunity to share with this group of teens and challenge them to think critically in many isssues, which are not easy to digest :)

You can check out the powerpoint here :)

4. Beautiful Creation

Last week was great, where all the teens worked together in bringing many recycle materials to Beautiful Gates in Taman Chi Liung. We had a great time fellowshiping with the residence there. Unfortunately I totally forgotten to snap photos. Haha…