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January 2008: Creation

As some of you know I’m involved in the teenagers ministry in church. This month’s theme for the teens fellowship is “Creation”. I would say things are getting more interesting with them around as I believe some have found their sense-of-belonging in the fellowship. The pics below are one activity we conducted as all respective group leaders are required to “make-up” with the matching group name. 1. Creation Theme Park Moo~ […]

Mamak at CCM

Sorry for being unable to do any photo blogging for the past few weeks. I wasn’t able to resolve the Ubuntu Gusty Bluetooth File Tranfer until recently :) It’s been a while we never go lepak at CCM in a big group. This time, Young Working Adult Fellowship has a rare opportunity to gather for […]


A sharing for a group of teens. Check it out here :) This is a blog feed from :)

Food Review: Yong Teng Cafe

Yup! Food never leave my (our) mind. Last (last last) Tuesday (Labour Day 2007) we went up to Cameron for site survey, as we’re running a 4-day youth camp in Ringlet, Cameron. We stopped by Tanah Rata for the infamous pancake stall ran by one aged couple. the “cafe”. the uncle. the menu, blurred. The […]