Food Review: Sunrise Crispy Duck Rice

by kiawin

When you mark uncountable amount of exam scripts, your head might be on fire just like the quack below…


A sign of celebration for finished marking enormous amount of exam scripts could be throwing off a party, buy yourself a great gift as a compensation, or even treating yourself a good meal. For this reason, my colleagues and I decided to pay a visit to this restaurant in Seapark, somewhere nearby our workplace.

Restoran Sunrise is famous of its crispy duck rice which one of my colleague fond of very much.

As you can see the restaurant has only one stall which sells nothing but ducks, and I will talk no more, and shows you some photos i snapped using my beloved Moto A1000 :)

If you are craving for crispy duck, loaded with cash, and don’t mind create a parking spot yourself, make a move now to Res-to-ran Sunrise ;)