Movies watched, and to watch

by kiawin

I had the opportunity to watch this korean show last week. Amazingly, the show was rather good. To be frank, I didn’t had carry much hope when I enter the cinema with this movie ticket on my hand. Maybe I’m not a vivid fan of Jang Na-ra or any other korean drama actors & actresses, but I would recommend you to watch it if you are able to catch it in local cinema. For a first timer like me, I find this korean movie brings out many things in life, which brings laughter and tears to the audience in a nutshell. If you enter the cinema without knowing any plot of this movie, you’ll appreciate the show, much.

Thanks to Jen Wern, I finally bought my Luther DVD for a price cheaper than I thought it should be. The best part of all, who wants to open their house for a private screening? ;)