Crazy Sales

by kiawin

As mentioned, in Pustaka Sufes. Unfortunately, it’s been a week or so… so don’t expect much left over stock there. I’ve swept as much as I could :P


Here’s the list of book I bought,

1. Heroes Who Changed the World (RM22 / RM56.65)
2. 自由社会的道德底线 (RM7 / RM34.80)
3. 苦难的意义与达到荣耀 (RM5 / RM24.75)
~ A Thelogical Questionable Book under the influence of Witness Lee
4. 突破科技文化感染力 (RM7 / RM39)
5. 与造物者同游 当下灵修体验 (RM7 / RM31.05)
6. 荒年不慌 – 经济幽谷中历炼重生 (RM5 / RM25.20)
7. Alleged Descrepancies of the Bible (RM3 / RM19.70)
8. 基层文化与宣教策略 (RM3 / RM15.50)
9. 理解之路 一代神学方法浅介 (RM3 / RM17.20)
10. 回溯教會路 (RM3 / RM19.90)
11. 少数派与少数主义 (RM10 / RM40.65)

A grand total of RM75.00. I’m officially broke.