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Chef (2014)

Check out this interesting movie by Jon Favreau which gotten an impressive 88% rating by Rotten Tomatoes.

An Irony in Mumbai

[Taken from Telegraph UK] A golden globe best picture, a dickensian film, depicts an irony in mumbai. Read more here. This is a blog feed from :)

Homer Simpson Kidnapped

Apparently, Homer Simpson didn’t make it to the big screen in Malaysia, as he’s practically being kidnapped by two idiotic malaysians. I supposed they thought stealing homer is just like stealing advertisement buntings at the roadside :) Nah… just pulling your leg… can’t wait to watch this movie :) Thieves carting away Homer Simpson figure […]


When can I watch this movie? (snapped this photo in KL Sentral while awaiting for my parents arrival back from Cambodia) This is a blog feed from :)


bukan senang nak dapat teman hidup yg sanggup terima buruk baik kitasanggup berkorban untuk kitasanggup hidup bersamasampai ke akhir hayat isteri bukannya hak miliktapi anugerah —— kadang-kadang orang yg paling kita sayang lah yg paling susah untuk disayang This is a blog feed from :)