Summary for the week

by kiawin

A grand summary of past 7 days in 7 points.

1. Procastinated throughout the whole week trying to modify the ICOST paper that I supposed to submit. Realised I actually did quiet a few silly mistakes in the preliminary paper. Really thank God for the chance He given for me to submit a research paper to an international conference.

2. Submitted my resume to Sunway UC. Fate unknown.

(SIL: Isn’t that looks familiar to you? :P)

3. Yet complete all my cover letters and resume for various colleges and universities. I wonder when my procastination will end.

(Yea.. I know it’s empty…)

4. Watched Shaggy Dog, very interesting movie. Tim Allen didn’t fail in making me laugh. Of course, don’t expect any Jet Li style fighting scene in the movie.

5. Finally, bought a silicon case for my Motorola A1000. Very expensive, but no choice.

6. Ate porridge steamboat, and rather “tertarik” with the taste. Will try it again next time. Sorry, terlupa snap few photos. Will do it next time, if someone want to treat me again? ;)

(pirated from juliethebiscuit without permission :P)

7. Last but not least, the lamest of all, my travian city is now has a total of 205 population.

Yes, I’m sick (in a way). I guess the thesis really dried me up, completely. Need some time to recuperate.