Different Sunday

by kiawin

The day was different. A different sunday.

1. The worship today was good, nothing major in the whole process and I thank God for His grace upon me (For those who knows what happened last two times, you’ll understand what I meant).

2. Agape Fellowship was good too. The kids, I meant, the teens enjoyed their quiz time, though some seems unprepared.

3. Later, thanks for Angelynn for her kindness in waiting for me, we went for Nandos for the spicy peri-peri chicken. Somehow, it was way overpriced. Later, five of us (Angelynn, Bronx, Andrew, Seng Ann and me) get to watch Lucky Number Slevin.

4. Frankly, the movie was good, though Bronx and Seng Ann slept through the whole movie, snoring away. Haha…

5. Attended IKUPM’s Annual Dinner in an Arabian Restaurant in Sri Petaling named Al-Diafah. The food was.. so-so. Just not my cup of tea, I meant, food.

6. By this you know, I’ve many things to share, but just merely idealess in writing. Thus, 6 points to summarize the sunday, a different sunday.