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A Quick Bible Quiz

I always have this problem, whenever I restart my bible reading cycle… I always have this in mind that I will read again the same old story, and learn nothing. Nevertheless God always proves me wrong. This quiz is absolutely challenging, from my devotion today. Remember the arguement on Chicken First? or Egg First? Here’s […]

猪之故事 A Pig Tale

在无聊的情况下,竟然引发了我的猪之故事… 有眼无猪,不识泰山 天猪地灭 一猪比一猪高 小猪见大猪 猪九族 真的是很画蛇添猪啊! This is a blog feed from :)

After Tweens

3 things I could share about Tweens. Firstly, I met a group of very interesting teens, and I enjoyed my time with them. Secondly, after the camp, I found (and obviously bought) a book (in 3 books) by Wayne Grundem titled Bible Doctrine. It’s a superb book that I recommend everyone to read it. Thirdly, […]

Are you out of your mind?

Today’s theStar says this… Council of Churches of Malaysia secretary-general Dr Herman Shastri said that while churches do not encourage the practice of sex change, churches had their own approach in recognising such marriages. However, he said the church should not discriminate against a person if he or she has proof of being born with […]

Taman Negara 2005 Photos!

You can check it out here. Full report will be up soon ;) This is a blog feed from :)