Are you out of your mind?

by kiawin

Today’s theStar says this…

Council of Churches of Malaysia secretary-general Dr Herman Shastri said that while churches do not encourage the practice of sex change, churches had their own approach in recognising such marriages.

However, he said the church should not discriminate against a person if he or she has proof of being born with imbalance hormones; was undergoing counselling; that his or her parents do not object to the sex change; and the operation was carried out in a proper medical institution.

As title propose, are you out of your mind? Or you stop reading bible for years already?

Yes, we should not discriminate one, but we don’t condone and conform to such action. Surely, something went wrong either with the news reporter, or the spokemen itself. Hormone imbalance doesn’t lead you to sex-change, but under proper medical treatment. CCM, and churches under its umbrella doesn’t have any approach in recognising such marriage, this means, you have a problem houston.