May 6th, 2013

by kiawin

This morning I woke up, and my home seems different.

For the first time for quite some days, my parents did not laugh from newspaper articles. We used to laugh and make fun of certain politicians and political parties owing to their often belittling, absurd and bigotry remarks.

So, what shall we do next? Is migration a solution to all these woes?

Admittedly I am one of many who tell others that now is time to change, and if the ruling government remains the evil regime which has already siphoned countless resources away from our rakyat, I will choose to leave the country. Looking back, I am at fault of where we are today.


In the past few months, I have seen numerous people stood up and spoke against the caretaking government. The reposting of social media information is tremendous on demanding clean and fair election, exposing the blatant abuse of government machinery in the 13th General Election (GE13). I’ve seen those who used to be silent and prefer to remain anonymous, supporting the synthetic peace and stability promoted by the evil regime stood up and be very vocal. In which, was wonderful.

Some of us took the chance to make our voice known through planting the flowers of hope in our neighbourhood, which ended up to be an act of treason so-to-speak at the eve of our 13th General Election. I was inspired by many of my friends who forked out their limited time, energy and money, to be a part of this change we are greatly anticipating.

Many of us also walk up to the street in many instances in the past, from the Bersih rally to Green Movement and ended with Himpunan. I am amazed that we have walked out of anonymity and show to the ruling government that we no longer believe in their fear mongering indoctrination, especially in reference to the May 13 incident happened 44 years ago and recently, Arab Spring – colored flag edition.

A tremendous number of people have signed up as PACABA in GE13, individuals who wish to ensure a clean and fair election and not to be cheated by the often bias and full of irregularities commission. Many signed up last minutes after realising many constituencies are still in great lack of polling and counting agents.

So, what went wrong?

I guess I, and we have been playing too little, too random, too ad-hoc and too focused (and de-focused). No more talks without action, no more hesitation and fear to stand up for what is right, and don’t wait for Year 2018.

If we look forward for a greater change, it is time for us to move forward as a team, out of our comfort zone and contribute our time, energy and monies starting from now till GE14.

I’m ready. Are you? :)

Let’s make a difference!

Proverbs 24 says:

Do not envy the wicked,
do not desire their company;
for their hearts plot violence,
and their lips talk about making trouble.

By wisdom a house is built,
and through understanding it is established;
through knowledge its rooms are filled
with rare and beautiful treasures.

The wise prevail through great power,
and those who have knowledge muster their strength.
Surely you need guidance to wage war,
and victory is won through many advisers.