Taiwan 2011: Prelude

by kiawin

Welcome to Taiwan :)

Arrival at Terminal 2, Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei

Signage at Taoyuan International Airport

Courtesy of AirAsia X. Everyone can fly, if everyone buy tickets one year in advance :)

AirAsia X at LCCT, Sepang

As everyone knows, Taiwan is famous of food!

Crispy chicken is certainly on the TOP 10 wanted list :)

Random Crispy Chicken

Though, not forgetting the lunch box fresh from oven in flight.

Kong Poh Chicken rice, frankly, generous but not my cup of tea.

AirAsia Lunchbox, Kung Poh Chicken Rice

I wonder why, I can’t join Bersih.

My Yellow man did not make it to Taiwan, that explains why you can’t reach my mobile for a week.

Nevertheless, Taipei was very, very supportive.

Yellow Cab, Taipei

Hidup Bersih! :)