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Books I read in 2011

A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer (via Kindle)       The Appeal by John Grisham       The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova       Teacher Man: A Memoir by Frank McCourt (via Kindle)       Gray Matter by Joel Kilpatrick and Levy, David (via Kindle)       The Christian […]

Farewell Groupsmore

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to Groupsmore. It will cease operation in few days time and all data will be migrated to its Groupon branded site with more functionality. I am particularly in favour with their paperless voucher strategy via QR code. “All vouchers will come with unique QR codes. Some time in the near future, All Groupon […]

Curly Fries, Straightened

If you need to straighten your hair, A&W can do it for you – FREE :)

Taiwan 2011: Prelude

Welcome to Taiwan :) Arrival at Terminal 2, Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei

There goes our Ultraman

With the recent fatwa on Poco-poco dance, Muslims in Perak are forbidden to dance as it contains spirit-worshipping and Christian elements. Though I have no access to the details of the Fatwa, a quick google does shed some light on the controversy. Assalammualaikum. Alhamdulillah kerana kita semua masih bernafas lagi dgn keizinanNya. Saya ingin berkongsi […]