Week 17: Rest

by kiawin

It’s holiday (for the students), and for lecturers, we do our admin work.

Undeniably, I still ‘ve to sign in daily, and need to organize my unit file for the subjects under me. I taught 2 subjects this semester – lectured Computer Studies, and led practical for Problem Solving and Programming. I’ve enjoyed both subjects throughout the entire 14 weeks, though it takes much effort and much thinking in sending effective message to students. The fruit of these 14 weeks are two “Thank You” cards, and quite an satisfying course survey from students.

For the next semester, I’m assigned to be the unit leader for Problem Solving and Programming, and again, running between two blocks – PA and PD. For those who’s unsure of what is unit leader, let me explain briefly. Unit leader is the one who in charge of that subject for the entire semester, assisting lecturers who’s under the same subject and basically take charge of all admin work that supposed to be included in the unit file. I believe this will be a challenging task for me, as I really need to be organized and be clear of what I need to do, no more lengang-lengang ;) I believe I will be given a mix of lectures and practicals to lead, and hopefully I will have the wisdom from God to lead such a big group of students.

Agape Youth Fellowship is what I’m looking forward to take care and witness God’s faithfulness in this group of amazing secondary teenagers. I’ve been given the task to help out in the youth along with another 4 teachers (yup, four) – Yun Rong, Joyceline, Ivan, and Hui Yin. The overview of me and my fellow friends who’s serving in this fellowship is to ensure the smooth flow of restructuring of the fellowship and youth sunday school, something which excites me very much. Though with some glitches here and there, I thank God that He has enables us to participate in such challenging task in being part of the process of shaping our church youth for the glory of the Lord :) For the details, maybe I share with you next time.

There’s several things that is on my checklist, which is yet accomplished. First I will take these two weeks in touching up and settle once and for all my thesis, by God’s grace. Yes, it takes not only time and effort but also the wisdom from above to finish it. Second of all, cleaning process is ongoing not only with my bedroom, but also my “server” room (wahahaha… installing ubuntu ). It’s time to clean it. Thirdly, I want to read some books, which I didn’t have a chance to do so for sometime already. Fourthly, relax and enjoy before next semester starts ;)

I will update this entry when I recall more.

Things to add-on: Kwang Hua CF, KPC Christmas Night, etc..