by kiawin

It’s confirmed. Malaysia is now rolling out our latest invention/product. Shit Water which is safe for consumption.

This is a news excerpt from China Press Online, and let us look at how ignorant is the company in-charge for our state water supply.


(Translation: Eventhough the water supply to homes contain smelly ordor, but the Selangor State Water Supply Company Customer Service Center (PUSPEL) urge the residents not to worry, as the company has taken the water for testing in lab, and it’s proven that the shitty water is safe for consumption.)

I just have one question for the excellency of PUSPEL, do you mean that you wouldn’t mind drinking the (shitty) water if it’s tested to be safe? Do you mean that consumer actually doesn’t mind drinking water that is safe but.. shitty in taste?

I have finally found the joke of the year.

PS: I call for every resident to fill an empty bottle with the shitty water, and send it to PUSPEL. Free drinks for all staffs in PUSPEL. Will they drink it? I think it’s a fear factor time.

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