Joyeux Noel

It means Merry Christmas. This French movie talks about an event happened back in 1914, a Christmas eve. Nominated for best foreign language film in Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe. I wonder I can catch it in Malaysian cinema, or I have to resort with torrent technology? ;) This is a blog feed from […]


It’s confirmed. Malaysia is now rolling out our latest invention/product. Shit Water which is safe for consumption. This is a news excerpt from China Press Online, and let us look at how ignorant is the company in-charge for our state water supply. “儘管住家食水帶糞味,但雪州水供有限公司客戶服務中心(PUSPEL)仍促請民眾無須擔心,該公司化驗室已取食水進行化驗,證實帶糞食水可安全食用。” (Translation: Eventhough the water supply to homes contain smelly ordor, but the […]

Smelly Water!!

Whole klang has smelly water… What is SYABAS/Puncak Niaga PUAS doing with our water supply??? Is your area affected? Do give me some feedback. Now I can’t even take a bath. The stench is unbearable (it’s smells like shit.. yes, literally shit). Update:It’s confirmed. China Press Night Edition (and website) was informed by SYABAS regarding […]