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Emotional Day

There’s a stereotyping going around, where many think girls are usually emo type, and hence it is understandable when they’re in the emo stage. Today K told me she’s in the emo stage, and I realise it is a privilege actually to be in such a state (though I did not directly/indirectly say K should […]

One Year

It’s been a year, as I vividly recall last year about this time I was still unsure of where I will kick-start my first job. Annie was over here for her industrial training and the flowers we made for my mom was still in the kitchen. Hah! It’s been a year plus and so I’m […]


Today’s daily bread talks about lepers, who can’t feel anything about pain owing to nerve defects. Like physical pain to our bodies, our conscience alerts us to spiritual harm. But habitual and unrepentant sin can numb the conscience (1 Tim. 4:1-3). To keep a clear conscience, we need to respond to the pain of appropriate […]

Little Foxes?

Little foxes in our backyard, as Our Daily Bread explained… When you stop to think about it, little “foxes” can become great aggravations for followers of Christ who are trying to honor Him. What we may consider “little” or “harmless” sins can be our downfall. “Stretching the truth,” for example, is actually lying. And gossip […]

Friday, February 23

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