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Can’t Restart, Shutdown via dbus-send org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit with SLiM

I faced this problem when SLiM no longer support ck-launch-session, and it fail to allow dbus-send to restart, shutdown via org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit. Apparently this is due to access rights as specified in PolicyKit.

org.freedesktop.networkmanager.openvpn was not installed

After installing networkmanager-openvpn in ArchLinux, I managed to add a VPN connection to the NetworkManager. However when I try to connect, I get this naughty little message: org.freedesktop.networkmanager.openvpn was not installed Actually this error message will disappear once you restarted the computer. A quick fix to this is by restarting the NetworkManager through systemd # […]

DartEditor: Cannot Open Shared Object –

Library dependencies can be daunting at times, especially when you’re into something. DartEditor is the official editor for Dart Language, a Google developed web programming language. The accompanied tutorials provide a convenient peek at how Dart works. However, I have problem running sunflower.dart due to an awkward error: ‘Launching Dartium launch’ has encountered a problem. […]

Banshee: Rip Audio CD to MP3

Ever thinking of converting your chunk of CDs into MP3? I used Banshee to convert all my audio CDs to MP3. As Ubuntu legally do not provide support for lame (MP3 codec), you will need to fire up the terminal to install some packages to enable the MP3 ripping feature. sudo aptitude install gstreamer0.10-lame lame […]