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Melody FM 103 (Updated)

Following up to the previous post on Melody FM streaming url, they have updated their stream address. Enjoy! :) http://astro3.rastream.com/melody?type=.flv&awparams=adswizz:true;stationId:amp-melody&start=0

Melody FM 103

Tune in to the latest Chinese radio station, Melody FM by ASTRO in Malaysia using your own favourite media player by pointing to here http://1207.melody.rastream.com/melody?type=.flv&_=0.8441886627115309 Update (Oct 27, 2012): Melody FM has updated their stream url, you may get it here.

Hit FM Taipei 107.7

Using linux distro (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora, or Crunchbang like me?), wish to listen to hitoradio Hit FM Taipei 107.7 (台北之音廣播有限公司) but can’t load it from their site or TuneIn? Worry not, you may use this link and play it with your favourite media player. mms://bcr.media.hinet.net/RA000036 Do take note that you need gstreamerX.XX-plugins-bad to play mms […]

Listen to BFM

Listen to BFM and yet dislike the flash player? Load up your favourite media player and point it to http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/BFMMEDIAAAC.pls :) For linux peeps, a gstreamer bad plugins will enable you to listen to AAC. [Idea from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1508106]