to pig or not to pig?

by kiawin

Pig has been a big issue for the start of a new era. In this case, maybe we should thank God that the year of Pig has passed and no Chinese will say anyone who protest against the modern pig farming project is being seditious against racial harmony (hence against the constitution, rukun negara, bla bla bla).

Anyway.. just some sarcasm in the previous paragraph. I just wonder, if being implemented in a proper way (including aspect of management, in views of benefits and resolves current problems), why make such a fuss out of it?

Don’t forget:
1. This project bukan satu project Kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Rakyat will make sure every single cent is being utilize for a right cause (and not for somebody’s BIG pocket).

2. Relocation of open pig farms reduces environmental issues. Don’t you get it?

3. This technology sure reduce environmental issue? Refer to number 1.

4. Alternative food? You’re just as naive as asking others to eat other food which they chose not to eat.

Apparently, nowadays “demonstrations” is no longer a peculiar incident, but part and parcel of Malaysian lifestyle.

Unlike someone says… “Ini bukan cara orang Malaysia ni….”

Aya… why makes things so complicating???

Can Malaysians talk sanely?