Purpose Driven or not?

by kiawin

I’ve attended Pastor Rick’s conference in EFC this Wednesday, and I’m glad I was there.

His thoughts regarding the Purpose Driver (Church and Life) has been very insightful, yet, as I knew since few years back, it’s up to you to set the context, as you read the book.

The Purpose Driven book can be very, as I emphasize, very useful – if you have the right context, with God’s Word in mind. It can also be a very marginalized book if you read it without any wisdom of God in your heart. It can be just a mere motivational book.

Out of the blue, I googled about Pastor Rick and his books, and I discovered many praises and critics against him. Nevertheless, here’s some of my comments regarding all these things.

The criticism largely based on theological differences, which is difficult to determine its validity without strong understanding of both theological background. Whether you accept it or not, after have a quick read over several sites, I still believe the Purpose drive series still have its positive effect instead of negative impacts.

My only advise is, always refer to the Word of God. Open up your bible, and read it yourself.