Malaysia Golden Arts Award

by kiawin

I’m rather… speechless over the Malaysia’s maiden Global Chinese Golden Arts Awards, where it supposed to be an International, or at the least, Asia Pacific level award ceremony. Seemingly it should be a big event, looking at the expensive entry tickets, ranging from RM 77 till RM237, the much promotion and hu-ha over media, and the support of three ministries of Malaysia.

Nevertheless, the Malaysia Boleh spirit daunted me as by looking at the delayed live, which it’s still going on NTV7. There’s few points that I would like to share it here, first of all, the sound quality was bad. Either NTV7‘s fault, or the event itself. Second of all, the design and overall looks of the event is… not like any ceremony that I saw on TV (I assure you the issue is not at comparing who’s better, but the problem lies in… “can this be international?”). Third of all, thanks to the “passionate” crowd, the award giving ceremony, especially at the start, where they somehow gave some awards to Malaysian chinese drama and artists. Frankly speaking, I never see any of those dramas on air, unless, you asked me to watch TV2 after midnight. Fourthly, it’s a “award giving” ceremony. It seems everything is fixed, and no excitement, either from the receipient, or from the crowd.

Maybe, I’m being over perssimistic, but come on… how can you let such event to be international, while in fact, it’s not?

My suggestion is, we should start small, and slowly we can escalate it to a scale where everybody is happy, and fully recognized. Why should we brag and drag ourselves into something that we can’t really handle?

My 1 cent.