Back to Campus

by kiawin

Yeah, life is back to normal. Wake up, devotion with breakfast, bath, go lab, go home, dinner, waste a bit of time doing nothing, sleep. Not so sure whether this is the life I am going to be for the next 6 months, or more. Nevertheless, the least I could do is to enjoy the process of learning and “suffering”. PASCA has no news yet, not because I was rejected, but I think they have yet to process all the applications.

For this semester, I have decided to leave IK and slowly pass on the guys mandarin cell group to the coming leader. The reason of me doing this, is simply making a clear move in moving onwards for my life. Many might disagree and think that I am still part of the fellowship, or still assume that I am a member of the fellowship. Nevertheless, I have long knew that it is time for me to move on and learn something new. It requires time and energy to focus on the new things in life that I am needed to do. Then, you might be wondering why I still attend IK for the past semester? My conviction to this act, is just purely an act of showing the fact and trying to be a good testimony that a master postgraduates, and an ex-exco member of the fellowship COULD still attend and REMAIN active in the fellowship without regarding of status, time, and authority that one person has.

It’s been a pleasure of serving in this fellowship and being a part of this one big family. I have learnt much from everyone of you, and I hope I did the same in helping you to learn more of Him, the one true God, who gives us salvation through His son Jesus Christ. There’s still a little bit of things here and there which I will complete before I completely rest down my service here in IK. First of all I would apologize for the delay of the completion of IKUPM website, which I should be completing it by early of the next year. Second of all, I would like to handover my service here in mandarin cell group, and guys in particular, before I move on.

Yes, most probably you won’t see me in the Wednesday meeting anymore. Do not worry, I am not backslided, or lazy. I assure you, I am moving on and striving for the things that God wants me to do. Do not worry, you can still call me out for breakfast, lunch, dinner or mamak, no matter is coming from my own pocket, or from your pocket ;)

Believe it or not, the 3-5 years that God has given you in this campus is meant to be something, more than just obtaining a piece of certificate. At the least, this is what I hold on to when I am just like you, being an undergraduate in this beloved campus.