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Week 1: Grand UTAR tour

A quick glance of UTAR Kampar campus. It’s unbelievably be-a-u-tiful! Block B, (temporary) Lecture room, tutorial room and computer labs. Block A from staff car park. Block A, back. Block A, inner entrance. Bamboo garden. Loooong pillars. Sister campus, KTAR Kampar. It’s either out of the place, or it’s a piece of art. Moderno. another […]

Food Review: Chillies 1 Utama

After a tiring game in U-Bowl, 1 Utama. A, K, L, C and I visited Chillies for a drink and have some snacks. The attraction of chillies is bottomless fruit juices, and also bottomless tostada chips. Of course, a big credit to the “bestest” service given by the “hot” staffs, I meant, chillies’ ;) This […]


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The Season

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Upon K‘s request, Took this photo when we’re invigilating for a test This is a blog feed from :)