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Getting Started with Ubuntu App Development

Amazingly easy tutorial to build a simple browser application via Quickly for Ubuntu.

Unable to run currency converter app in Qt Creator with ubuntu-sdk

Many rookie like me will find it perplexed when our currency converter app tutorial for Ubuntu SDK failed to work when we click “Preview (qmlscene)” after following steps recommended to invoke qmlscene instead of qmlviewer. Apparently there were great change in how we install and run ubuntu-sdk at the latest qt5-proper moving from qt5-beta. qt5 […]

[Solved] Port 22: Operation timed out Locally

It’s been some time I can’t figure out why my home server cannot be accessed locally but working externally. Part of the need to ssh locally is because my home server is running on an old faithful IBM X40 with a malfunctioned screen. Every attempt to ssh locally is futile as terminal will display “SSH: […]

Banshee: Rip Audio CD to MP3

Ever thinking of converting your chunk of CDs into MP3? I used Banshee to convert all my audio CDs to MP3. As Ubuntu legally do not provide support for lame (MP3 codec), you will need to fire up the terminal to install some packages to enable the MP3 ripping feature. sudo aptitude install gstreamer0.10-lame lame […]