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When will it end?

Though we’ve partake the exilic life for long, when will the curvy road ends? the next 10 miles? or the next 2 days? or never? A short note for my fellow colleague A, the disappointment of life ain’t about our most loved one – it’s about how much we missed of the end of our […]

a journey

i wish for once my exilic days will end, and i will wait patiently. This is a blog feed from :)

Debunkr 2007 – Leg 1

For this year, leg one, my first task would be researching information regarding: John Maxwell Jim Dornan Networking Business from the aspect of background influence and economical point of view. It’s time to debunkr! If you’re interested, you can join my tiny project :) This is a blog feed from :)

Over the Storm

Is it over? This is a blog feed from :)

Purpose Driven or not?

I’ve attended Pastor Rick’s conference in EFC this Wednesday, and I’m glad I was there. His thoughts regarding the Purpose Driver (Church and Life) has been very insightful, yet, as I knew since few years back, it’s up to you to set the context, as you read the book. The Purpose Driven book can be […]