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Which God do you have?

Thesis: We have the tendency, left without theological discipleship and accountability, to make God into who we think he ought to be. When that version of him fails, it is not as if the true version has failed, but only the version we created. Therefore, we have not really left God in a proper sense, […]

Chinese New Year is once again in town, soon…

Just wonder, how will this coming CNY be? I had two interesting CNY (2006, 2007) well recorded in two separate blog entries. There’s much change to CNY this year. Wonder you noticed it or not? :) This is a blog feed from :)

Domestication of scriptures

Another one, from the same article… How can Scripture ever reform us if by our ‘liberating exegesis’ we are invariably able to make it say what is comfortable to us, if we are always able to domesticate it in line with the predilections of our own interpretative community? This is a blog feed from :)

Mordenist Vs. Postmodernist

I got this line from reading an article from D. A. Carson… I will leave it here for you to ponder. (But) the fundamental division between modernists and postmoderns is a conflict ofworldview, where the distinction in worldview is primarily epistemological. This is a blog feed from :)

In the midst of no where

what could we do, in the midst of no where? This is a blog feed from :)