Topics: N900

Nokia N900 (5): RMVB Video Support

One thing I do with my N900 is to watch Taiwan drama when I stucked in traffic.

Thoughts on N900 (1): Mobile Computing

Let’s look at the differences between iPhone OS, Symbian, Android and Maemo from the aspect of mobile computing.

Nokia N900 (4): ZAGG Invisible Shield

Dog is man’s best friend, while ZAGG may be N900’s best friend :) As my self-cut iphone screen protector seems to be unpleasant to eyes of many, I got myself a ZAGG Invisible Shield for N900 – that comes with both screen protector and full body skin/shield. The interesting part of the ZAGG Invisible Shield […]

Nokia N900 (3): More Apps!

Surely someone will compare your Nokia N900 with the App-almighty Apple iPhone. Undeniably, Nokia N900 and its maemo platform will be unlikely matched Apple in terms of the available apps in the market, at the least, not in near future. However, the maemo open source community is growing and many favourite linux applications are hildonized […]

Nokia N900 (2): Accessories

Indulgence… Accessories for Nokia N900 from ZAGG and Momax