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After the storm

(Dawn by dshack) This is a blog feed from :)

Love: A Mere Memory

(taken from desiringGod) Devotion for today is taken from “A Godward Life” by John Piper, on the topic of “The American Revival of 1905”. Though the title itself seems irrelevant, yet there’s one sentence that raise my attention. Revival is the sovereign work of God to awaken his people with fresh intensity to the truth […]

Early Christmas Gift (1)

If you do follow my twitter/facebook status, you would know I got my early Christmas “gift” on 13 November. A glimpse for you… kekekeke… :) On the other hand, Weird things happened again, with the 10% discount “supposedly” help to reduce people’s burden on Toll rate, Razak says on Najib no-no, mainstream media silence on […]

what a spin

Rocky Bru provided some of Dr. Mahathir’s speech on Bangsa Malaysia. Though many left comments in agreement with Dr. Mahathir, I beg to differ. After March 8, we are more racial than ever. Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has told those who say the last General Election was a vote to reject race-based parties […]

Love: A Mere Reflection

(taken from desiringGod) It all started of in the month of October. The feeling of living in a world where everything seems with no rights and wrongs, inferiority of inconsequential life. Piling up issues on top of issues, problems on top of problems, until the last finale staged on 19th October which nearly brought me […]