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Post-modernistic Programming

Deconstructive approach applies not only to post-modernistic philosophical thoughts, it same applies to post-C programming such as javascript and ruby. Syntax more of (dis)functional, aspect-oriented than object oriented.

Google Drive Site Publishing with Eric Gilmore

A permanent relative path for files in a folder at Google Drive. Interesting idea :)

Openbox failed to logout

Did you noticed your openbox refused to logout recently? If you tried to do it manually by “openbox –exit” or using oblogout, you will not be able to logout and left your openbox session hanging. Through some digging in Google, apparently this was caused by the latest update in pango¬†(v1.32.1-1). You may download the pango […]

Resize VirtualBox’s Virtual Disk Image (.vdi)

Resizing VirtualBox vdi is now as easy as the following: # VBoxManage modifyhd YOUR_HARD_DISK.vdi –resize SIZE_IN_MB Of course, not forgetting to resize your partition after you done the above. A note for myself :)

Windows 8 Upgrade for USD14.99

Yup, you heard it right. USD14.99 for an upgrade pathway* instead of USD39.99. Yet, this is the funniest Windows Upgrade ever.