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Visual Guide to Selling SaaS (Repost)

Visual guide to selling software as a service by @prezly from Prezly

2014 StanDesk 2200

A blatant rip-off of StanDesk 2200, with a twist of a lower budget.

Motorola Moto X

The long awaited Motorola Moto X without the blessing of El-Goo is here, finally. The Made in America customizable phone ala Texas is slapped with a USD 200 with contract price tag, whilst the price without a contract is unknown for now.

howto: Add HP M1132 MFP as Printer in Archlinux

It is unfortunate that there are quite a number of printers which aren’t well supported in most OSes (Linux, Windows, MacOS) without specific proprietary printer driver from the manufacturer. However, with Google on hand and great resources from avid linuxers, we have a good solution for HP M1132 MFP.

Tips from Evernote – Email

From Evernote, Evernote Tip: Sending Email into Evernote You just emailed a note into your Evernote account. Well done! Here’s a tip: Evernote can automatically tag and file notes you email based on the content and subject. To enable Smart Filing, go to your Personal Settings. Or, you can send notes into specific notebooks and […]