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Remind myself: no more if-config please in Archlinux. Instead, ip addr

Can’t Restart, Shutdown via dbus-send org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit with SLiM

I faced this problem when SLiM no longer support ck-launch-session, and it fail to allow dbus-send to restart, shutdown via org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit. Apparently this is due to access rights as specified in PolicyKit.

org.freedesktop.networkmanager.openvpn was not installed

After installing networkmanager-openvpn in ArchLinux, I managed to add a VPN connection to the NetworkManager. However when I try to connect, I get this naughty little message: org.freedesktop.networkmanager.openvpn was not installed Actually this error message will disappear once you restarted the computer. A quick fix to this is by restarting the NetworkManager through systemd # […]

DartEditor: Cannot Open Shared Object – libudev.so.0

Library dependencies can be daunting at times, especially when you’re into something. DartEditor is the official editor for Dart Language, a Google developed web programming language. The accompanied tutorials provide a convenient peek at how Dart works. However, I have problem running sunflower.dart due to an awkward error: ‘Launching Dartium launch’ has encountered a problem. […]