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ArchLinux Installation for Dummies

Steam + ArchLinux

  It’s pretty easy to install steam now than a year ago.

Error: Key could not be imported

Do you ever face key could not be imported error during a pacman / yaourt update?

Fork a forked github repo?

Was trying to fork a forked github repo for crunchbang welcome script, and realised it is not possible. Apparently, this is a “feature” of github and there’s no plan to remove it.

howto: Add HP M1132 MFP as Printer in Archlinux

It is unfortunate that there are quite a number of printers which aren’t well supported in most OSes (Linux, Windows, MacOS) without specific proprietary printer driver from the manufacturer. However, with Google on hand and great resources from avid linuxers, we have a good solution for HP M1132 MFP.