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Fork a forked github repo?

Was trying to fork a forked github repo for crunchbang welcome script, and realised it is not possible. Apparently, this is a “feature” of github and there’s no plan to remove it.

Motorola Moto X

The long awaited Motorola Moto X without the blessing of El-Goo is here, finally. The Made in America customizable phone ala Texas is slapped with a USD 200 with contract price tag, whilst the price without a contract is unknown for now.

howto: Add HP M1132 MFP as Printer in Archlinux

It is unfortunate that there are quite a number of printers which aren’t well supported in most OSes (Linux, Windows, MacOS) without specific proprietary printer driver from the manufacturer. However, with Google on hand and great resources from avid linuxers, we have a good solution for HP M1132 MFP.

howto: Root Google Nexus 10 using Ubuntu and ChainFire Auto Root Tool

Prior to rooting your Google Nexus 10, please ensure you have unlocked your boot loader. You may refer to my previous howto on unlocking boot loader. Step 1, download the necessary tool – CF Auto Root Mantra. Step 2, unzip and make root-linux.sh executable # sudo chmod +x root-linux.sh Step 3, power down your Nexus […]

howto: Unlock bootloader Google Nexus 10 using Ubuntu

The very first step in rooting is to first unlocking our boot loader. It can be easily through 3 simple steps. Step 1, we need to install Android Debug Bridge (adb) and relevant tools with a simple apt-get # sudo apt-get install android-tools-* Step 2, we need to shutdown our Nexus 10 and boot into […]