Bake the Bacon

For Dinner: Monster Face

Pic. PP Subspace, Flickr – PP by me

A common question posed to me (that I have tried avoid from answering many times) is why I’ve given up the opportunity of resuming the Baconship in my home church. Before I give you the answer, I felt very much obliged to share with you my struggles in being one bacon with two sunny up all the time :)

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In addressing UMNO members during their general assembly, President Najib said that “What I am saying is not surprising. In the 20th century, we have seen cases of punishment without trial in the United States, the holocaust tragedy in Europe, the slaughter of Palestinians in the Middle East and the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Rwanda. Imagine, what is the outcome, if every generation of Malaysians question the social contract which were agreed upon by their forefathers”