howto: Add HP M1132 MFP as Printer in Archlinux

It is unfortunate that there are quite a number of printers which aren’t well supported in most OSes (Linux, Windows, MacOS) without specific proprietary printer driver from the manufacturer.

However, with Google on hand and great resources from avid linuxers, we have a good solution for HP M1132 MFP.

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Remind myself: no more if-config please in Archlinux. Instead,

ip addr

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howto: Root Google Nexus 10 using Ubuntu and ChainFire Auto Root Tool

Prior to rooting your Google Nexus 10, please ensure you have unlocked your boot loader. You may refer to my previous howto on unlocking boot loader.

Step 1, download the necessary tool – CF Auto Root Mantra.

Step 2, unzip and make executable

# sudo chmod +x

Step 3, power down your Nexus 10 and boot into boot loader then run the tool

# sudo ./

You should be able to see a red android robot appearing with some background processes running.

Congratulation! Your Google Nexus 10 is now rooted!

howto: Unlock bootloader Google Nexus 10 using Ubuntu

The very first step in rooting is to first unlocking our boot loader. It can be easily through 3 simple steps.

Step 1, we need to install Android Debug Bridge (adb) and relevant tools with a simple apt-get

# sudo apt-get install android-tools-*

Step 2, we need to shutdown our Nexus 10 and boot into bootloader by pressing all three buttons (volume up, volume down, power)

Step 3, which is the last step, is to unlock the device’s bootloader by the following command and then follow the instruction appear on the screen of Nexus 10. Press the volume button to agree to unlock your Nexus 10.

# sudo fastboot oem unlock

That simple! Enjoy :)

Tips from Evernote – Email

From Evernote,

Evernote Tip: Sending Email into Evernote
You just emailed a note into your Evernote account. Well done!

Here’s a tip: Evernote can automatically tag and file notes you email based on the content and subject. To enable Smart Filing, go to your Personal Settings.

Or, you can send notes into specific notebooks and assign tags by adding some simple information to the subject of the email. Here’s how:

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